Sand + Sage (shopping, yay!)

Okay hi! We’ve missed you! I (Rehn) went on a vacation but we’re back and have GREAT stuff to share with you. We’ll be sharing two posts with you this week. So today, we are excited to share a new brand with you!

Before we get to that, I just want to say that usually I’m super super loyal to the places I shop. It’s honestly pretty rare that I’ll venture out from my normal stores/brands to something new, so the fact that I fell in love with this new shop is big for me. So read this and then go CHECK IT OUT!

The shop is called Sand+Sage. Their style is pretty beachy and relaxed and they have GREAT basics. Below are two of the tanks I got and they are truly the softest shirts I own! Also, I love these two tops because they’re really versatile. I wore the light pink top the other night with jeans and a baggy cardigan over it, and then wore it again today to work with a pair of black jeans, and a trench-ish style coat over it and heels.

Some info about the company- The cutest gal, Paulina, in SLC, owns the company. She opened the shop just this month and you can find them on instagram (@sand_and_sage) and of course place orders on the website, Their stuff is practical, affordable, and so comfortable! And to sweeten the whole deal, ALL ORDER SHIP FREE IN THE USA!

So go check it out & use code BB15 for 15% off your order! 

Here’s some of the looks I put together with the tanks I got 🙂



We hope you love it!


Rehn & Mel