The buzz on a busy life

Summer is coming to a close (that happened fast!) and for many people school is starting! I’ve been horrible at posting this summer with how busy I’ve been at work and taking summer classes, and it’s only about to get busier!

BUT before that happens, I wanted to leave you all with some tips for keeping yourself organized and on top of things in the midst of the busyness of fall. Comment below with your tips on how you keep yourself focused during your busy seasons!

  1. Get a planner!
    There are a lot of different ways to keep a planner in this day and age. I always opt for a traditional paper day planner because I’m a total to-do list person and I remember things better when I write them down with pen and paper (you can shop my favorite here). BUT I know a lot of people feel like they never end up actually using a traditional planner. So think about what you use the most for reminders! Whether that’s a large paper calendar in your room or kitchen that you write reminders on, or a planner on your phone (like a calendar app) get something where you can stay organized with due dates, plans with family and friends, and reminders about personal goals.
  2. USE IT! Time block and plan ahead
    Now that you have a planner of some type, use it! One of the best ways I’ve found to keep from feeling like my life is happening in a whirl wind is time blocking. Carve out time each day for specific things, like- 6am-7am, exercise; 2pm-4pm, homework; 4pm-5pm, blog planning. You get the point. And while you’re time blocking remember to be realistic. When I first started doing this I went way overboard and planned my whole day, basically down to the minute. And while this did help me at the beginning to feel organized and in control, I had to eventually realize that sometimes things change and I needed to start leaving a little time for those adjustments. So, do what you can and need to do to stay organized, but also remember that life can change things up on you sometimes and maybe your exercise time will be spent running to the mall for a gift you forgot. Long story short- have a plan, but be adaptable!
  3. Meal prep, meal prep, meal prep
    I often feel like meal prepping gets really mixed in with body building (or maybe I’m the only one who feels that way??) but meal prepping doesn’t have to just be rice and chicken and broccoli. If that’s not your thing, you can still make meals ahead of time so that during the week you’re not having to worry about breakfasts and lunches- or even dinners! I’ll have another post up next week with some of my favorite meal prep recipes, but for now- jump on pinterest and find some things you can make ahead of time and heat up later. Also, if you don’t have a crock pot go buy one right now. Or just click here and buy this one on Amazon 🙂
  4. Remember what’s important
    When life is crazy and hectic it’s easy to forget what’s really important. Yes, school is important! But so are your friendships, your family, and YOU! There may be times that you have to skip out on something your pals are doing because you need to study or you have a deadline at work, but remember in all of your planning and time-blocking that you can make time for your people and relationships. When you’re looking at your week, call your bff and make a plan to get dinner one night. Close your computer after your homework and spend some quality time with your boo-thang.

    And don’t forget that YOU are important as well! I’m a huge fan of alone time and I always have to remember to make time for myself. My bf loves to golf and ski, and I’ll often plan ahead for times I know he’ll be gone doing those things and plan some time alone to get my favorite treat and watch my favorite movie (macaroons from Gourmandise & watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s, just in case anyone was wondering). People are always talking about self care, and I’m a huge believer that self care can be anything that feeds your soul! Do some yoga, get your favorite treat, hit the mall with your gal pals, or whatever you need to do for you!

No matter how busy life gets with work, school, or whatever it is that fills your days, remember that planning ahead can be a serious game changer! Last reminder- don’t sweat the small stuff! If it’s not going to matter in 5 years, don’t spend too much time worrying about it.

So get out there, tackle your school work, kick ass at your job, make time for the relationships in your life, and chase your dreams! YOU’VE GOT THIS!


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