Local Ladies Buzz

Hiiiiii everyone!! I posted so long ago on Instagram that I was going to make a post about some local businesses owned by awesome ladies- so here it is, as promised! Sorry for the delay!

This post is going to be pretty short and sweet, but supporting awesome women and their dreams is something that’s so important to me! So here is all the buzz on some great businesses, online and in the Salt Lake area, that are owned by some badass ladies!

  1. Eggs in the City– Who doesn’t love great breakfast?! This is easily my favorite place in Salt Lake for breakfast and lunch. It’s super popular so most people have probably already been there, but if you haven’t go give it a try! It’s located in the cutest Sugarhouse neighborhood right at 13th South and about 19th East. And if you pop in on a busy Saturday or Sunday, you’ll often find the owner at the host counter getting people seated, pouring coffee (they have great coffee, btw) and working right on the floor with her team. Yay for breakfast and women who kick booty!
  2. BeBronzed Sunless Tanning– there is nowhere else in Salt Lake that I’ll go for a spray tan! I’m super pale so I love a good spray tan and I’ve never left BeBronzed looking orange or streaky! The owner, Jamie, is the best and she’ll make you feel so comfortable despite the fact that you’re standing in a room totally naked. Also, her space is SO CUTE and she has great products that will extend the life of your tan and keep you glowing! Last but not least, she has the most reasonable prices and she’s always offering discounts for referring your friends (which you will totally do because you’ll love it so much). Yay Jamie and BeBronzed and feeling like a glowing goddess!
  3. Sand + Sage– I know I’ve already done a whole blog post about this cute shop but I just love it! Paulina, the shops owner, is not only great at her job but also the nicest gal! Her shop is full of cute clothes that I can wear so many times and style so many different ways! AND the shipping is free AND you’re supporting a local gal who is pursuing her dreams (and what is better than that?!) Yay for Sand + Sage and clothes we love and sweet people who sell them!
  4. Hillary West Jewelry– Do. Not. Buy. Jewelry. Anywhere. Else. But really, Hillary is the best. Not only does she make amazing jewelry, but she’s also my sister so DOUBLE GREAT! Hill pours her heart and soul into every piece of jewelry that she makes and creating amazing pieces is what she’s truly passionate about. She’s located in Denver, CO but she has a website so you can buy buy buy from wherever you live! Every piece of her jewelry is handmade because not only does she know a ton about gems and jewels but she also does her own blacksmith work (what a badass, right?!) so she can take an old piece and completely redesign it into something new. She makes custom pieces as well so if you have a stone you need in a new setting or a totally personal idea for a piece, she can make it happen! She’s a true artist and her work is AMAZING! Yay for being creative and amazing and buying jewelry from someone who is so invested in their craft!

So there’s my list- these gals are all amazing!! If you know of a business that’s owned or run by a powerful, awesome, female send me the company’s information because 1. I obviously want to support them and their business, and 2. I’ll post about them so we can all support them together!



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